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Paula Ronan

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I develop strategic, original, effective marketing and brand solutions that translate into increased revenue and sustainable growth. I have over 25 years’ experience marketing a wide range of businesses from Coca Cola to one man start-ups across all sectors in the UK and Ireland.

How I Can Help Your Business to Compete

Many SMEs and small businesses lack a marketing department or a senior
marketing director to develop brand and marketing strategies in line with achieving
the financial goals of the company.

I provide the service of Marketing Director to a range of clients. I bring my 26+ years
of marketing experience working with the smallest and largest brands and
businesses in Ireland and the UK to benefit my clients.
Working arrangements are tailored to clients’ requirements and can include:

  • Marketing planning
  • Marketing campaign development and management
  • Website development direction
  • Online marketing management
  • PR campaign management
  • Sales promotion campaigns
  • Event marketing
  • Business to business campaigns
  • Direct marketing
  • Ongoing marketing support

I work with clients’ in-house resources, increasing the impact and cost effectiveness
of strategies and campaigns that deliver sales.

A strong brand identity will give your business the edge in a competitive
marketplace. I have experience in creating brand identities that resonate with the
target audience, stand the test of time and work hard to establish market share.

I have a proven track record in developing creative concepts for marketing
campaigns that work hard to deliver sales. Marketing campaigns need to be true to
your brand, compelling to your audience and deliver a return to your bottom line.

Branding is one of the most important ingredients of a successful business. Having a
clear and robust brand strategy means that you know where your brand is going and
how it is getting there.

Your marketing strategy works to deliver your sales goals as well as reaching your
brand ambition.

I have over a quarter of a century of experience in developing brand and marketing
strategies that help businesses compete effectively.

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Paula Ronan

Paula Ronan delivers market winning attitude to clients through strategic thinking, creativity and brand confidence.