B2B Marketing – Choosing Who to Target

Thinking carefully about who to target with your marketing can increase your profits by cutting down on wastage. When developing a marketing strategy for a business or brand that sells to another business, we often fall in to the trap of focusing on the faceless corporate business in our marketing, rather than the actual people […]

What is your business’ Vision?

On National Women’s Enterprise Day I was privileged to attend an event where Theresa Grant OBE shared the story of her amazing career as CEO and agent of transformation in the UK public sector. She spoke incredibly well and inspired everyone there. When asked what the characteristics of a good leader are or how to […]

Mailchimp vs LinkedIn for B2B Newsletters

Newsletters are an important part of the toolkit in my marketing strategy. I’ve been trying to decide for the last few months whether or not to continue using Mailchimp to create my newsletters and whether or not to start using LinkedIn for newsletters. To be honest, I have found Mailchimp pretty easy to use and […]

How do Sales and Marketing Work Together?

Let me start by saying what I mean by Sales and what I mean by Marketing here. What I Mean by Sales Sales is any activity that directly results in revenue in a very short period of time. So this could include sales phone calls, sales-focused ads online (click to buy), sales meetings. Sales promotions […]

How to communicate quality in brand communications – “the illusion of effort”

If quality is part of your brand positioning then you need to be communicating that value to your target market at every opportunity. There are many different ways to do this – an interesting one is “the illusion of effort”. I don’t really know why Richard Shotton, behavioural scientist, refers to it as an illusion. […]

What is Business Mentoring?

The term mentoring itself comes from a Greek word meaning “enduring”. To me, this represents one of the key features of mentoring – its sustainability. Mentoring, ideally, should equip you with skills that last a lifetime. The EMCC – the European Mentoring and Coaching Council – defines mentoring as “a learning relationship, involving the sharing […]

What is the Marketing Mix?

Edmund Jerome McCarthy was an American marketing professor (1928 – 2015) and author of Basic Marketing: A Managerial Approach, a book which has been one of the top textbooks in university marketing courses since its publication. In it he first introduces the idea of the four P’s Marketing Mix as a framework for managing marketing. […]

Radio ratings beat TV in US for 1st time

From RadioCentreIreland.ie – “Radio ratings in the U.S. have accomplished something few could have foreseen. Among 18-49 year old’s, AM/FM radio now beats TV in average audience and weekly reach for the first time in media history. In 2018. Radio’s 18-49 average audience was 63% the size of live and time-shifted TV. Things have changed […]

How to use ChatGPT for Marketing?

Chat GPT is gaining momentum and fast. However apprehensive you may be about what it means for your future if you are working in the marketing industry, we need to learn all we can now and figure out how we can use it as a tool to enhance our work because there is no stopping […]

What is the point in press advertising?

Press advertising has been a hugely important way to reach consumers since the first newspaper ad was published in 1704. Business and brand owners now question the relevance of this channel, with the focus so much on social media, search and marketplace ads. A good marketing strategy should be completely unbiased when it comes to […]