Brand Design for Organic Food Producers

I have been buying Regan Organic Chicken since they began selling in Enniscorthy Farmers Market – it is seriously the best chicken you will ever taste. I love that it is reared free range on all organic feed just a few kilometres up the road from me. When Mary Regan asked me to help her […]

Whizzy Internet Launches Connect and Support Initiative

I love working with Whizzy Internet, the local, independent broadband provider for Wexford, South Wicklow and Carlow as their marketing consultant. This is a small, independent outfit based in Gorey set up by James O’Sullivan and Janis Dravnieks in 2014. It’s really run like a family and their service is fantastic because they genuinely care […]

Leabhar Power Brand Developed to Market Irish Language Books

I was approached by the Irish Book Publishers Association to devise a marketing campaign to promote Irish language books, specifically during Seachtain na Gaeilge. Irish language book publishers and writers produce some amazing, beautiful works but sales are challenging. The number of people in Ireland who say they speak Irish (according to the latest census) […]

Waterford Property Watch Delivers Engagement for Liberty Blue Estate Agents

Regina Mangan is a very dynamic, forward thinking business person. She is constantly learning and taking inspiration from what’s going on, not just around her, but all over the world. Every beneficial thing she learns is put into action in the business, which has grown at an impressive rate over the years. I am proud […]

Wexford Home Preserves Launches Promotion with a Purpose

Tom and Laura Sinnott are a dream to work with.Why? Their products are fantastic – top quality, taste, varieties. And this from a picky fusspot. They tell the truth about their processes. With nationally available commercial jam brands, this is not always the case. I have been in their production kitchen on numerous occasions – […]

Making a bags of customer care

I just had a great weekend away in the west – filled with ponies (at the sales) and swims and meeting friends to share food and a few drinks. One incident marred it though. I left my bag behind when we moved tables at one point in a hotel bar. The staff had it behind […]

The Art of Brand Identity Graphics

I had the great pleasure of working with Mary Regan and her sisters Helen and Ger who run Regan Organic Farm in Dranagh, Co. Wexford, along with Mary’s husband David. some time ago. I had first met the Regans at Enniscorthy Farmers Market. This is a wonderful market in the town where many now famous […]

A Sponsorship TRI-umph for Boland’s BMW

I got to know Rebecca Doyle, Boland’s BMW Head of Business, last year when she introduced me to New Ross Triathlon Club. She is one of the most determined, positive and encouraging people I know. Following an insane (for me) amount of training, this year I took part in the Boland’s BMW By Hook or […]

Strength in Vulnerability

The pratfall effect is a consumer bias discovered by psychologist Elliot Aronson. The jist of it is that people like people who demonstrate a flaw more than those who seem perfect. The experiment involved Aronson showing students two versions (one version per group of students) of an actor playing a contestant in a quiz – […]

Notions about Idea Generation

Creativity is highly valued and can deliver a lot for a business. The right idea can help a brand to stand out, change customer perceptions and drive revenue. How do you come up with the right idea though? At the start of my marketing life brainstorms were the tool of choice and I loved them. […]