Notions about Idea Generation

Creativity is highly valued and can deliver a lot for a business. The right idea can help a brand to stand out, change customer perceptions and drive revenue. How do you come up with the right idea though? At the start of my marketing life brainstorms were the tool of choice and I loved them. […]

I Got a (mini)MBA so Now I Know I Know Nothing

This summer I completed the mini MBA in Marketing with Professor Mark Ritson. I have worked in marketing for over 26 years now and a lot of what was taught I was already practicing but it was wonderful to hear clear, incisive marketing principals explained and built on with so much sense and so little […]

Objectively Speaking, Your Marketing Needs Focus

Setting good objectives is an important part of your marketing strategy. You cannot have everything as an objective, you need to focus on the important elements that will deliver on your business goals. A good start is to draw out your target customers’ purchase funnel. This means examining the stages that the target customer goes […]

Good Sense

I often feel very lucky that the clients I work with are genuinely lovely people. As well as being good business people, most of them are generous and want to contribute to charity and good causes, to give back in some way from their successes. The problem can be though that clients are approached by […]

Your Customers Are Your Business

Working with small (and large!) businesses over the last 25 years, I am still surprised at how few businesses invest resources in finding out what their customers think. Without customers, you have no business. As a business owner or manager, you cannot second guess how your customer feels or thinks. Customer research can cost a […]

Setting a Marketing Budget

So many small businesses start off the business year with no idea of what the marketing budget is going to be for the following 12 months.  It feels like most are hoping to spend nothing and every Euro spent is viewed as a loss. For marketing to be effective, it needs to be seen as […]

Brand Strategy Made Simple

Here’s a really interesting, inspiring and fun article on Brand Strategy by Mark Ritson for Marketing Week. If you don’t have time to read it here are my top three take outs from it: Brand Strategy depends on preparation – finding out what has been done in the past, what worked, what didn’t, what is […]

What’s in a Name?

A note on brand naming As clients who have worked with me will have heard me say many times – a brand is what it does, not what it says. Theoretically, it means that it doesn’t matter a huge amount about the name of the brand; customers (and non-customers) will build perceptions around it based […]

Is the Rise of Private Label all Positive?

The cult of Private Label has been growing and growing over the past 10 years, meeting a strong demand from consumers for lower cost, high quality goods. A recent article on – – estimates that 50% of brands on our supermarket shelves will be own brand by 2025. For the shoppers, this represents good news in […]