I was cooking beautiful free range pork chops on the grill one evening, got from a friend up the road who keeps pigs. I had just put them on so I decided to pop outside to feed the horses. So far, so country idyll.

When I came back in just a few minutes later, flames were rising up from the cooker and the kitchen was full of smoke. It wasn’t just the fat from the chops on the grill pan that was on fire, it was the actual cooker! Luckily I remembered to wet a towel and throw it over the lot to stop it so it didn’t spread. My cooker though was destroyed and so were the ceilings and everything the smoke had touched.

This prompted my first experience of the business of Loss Adjusting. Once I contacted the insurance company, a guy called me to get some details and set an appointment to come and see the damage. He was very nice and efficient and got my claim sorted out quickly and painlessly. He was the Loss Adjuster.

Co-incidentally, a few months later I was approached by a company called ProAdjust – a firm of specialist Loss Adjusters with offices throughout Ireland.

They had just agreed to sponsor the Insurance Ireland National Fraud Conference – a very big deal in the insurance industry and wanted to refresh their brand for the marketing opps around the event. They also wanted a robust marketing strategy that would help their business to grow.

The logo they were using had a strong colour (magenta) but it wasn’t used consistently. The graphic featured measuring marks and the strapline used with the logo was “Insurance Claim Consultants”

As this business was well established and had a strong customer base I wanted to retain as much of the logo as would keep it recognisable.

Brand Strategy Workshop

I started from scratch with a workshop with the client to identify their target audience was and work out their customer proposition.

People were at the heart of what made ProAdjust special, along with innovation and performance. In the Loss Adjusting industry, you need to be ready at any time to handle what comes with an unexpected, sometimes catastrophic event – ProAdjust made sure that they had the capacity at all times to deal with whatever their clients needed them to – efficiently and calmly.

Creative Concept

After some deep consideration and research, I developed the idea of using the mathematical symbol for proportionality in the brand graphic. I felt that this represented the ethos behind what ProAdjust did – find a fair solution for both client and insurance policy holder and serve them both equally well.

When we turn this symbol 90º right it also conveys the idea of a person. People were one of ProAdjust’s core brand values, so this worked well.

Brand Communication – Strapline

To communicate the idea that ProAdust are ready to handle any event, whenever it happens, I developed the strapline “Exceptional Everyday” – this is short, clever and memorable and says that the service that ProAdjust provides is of a higher standard than others too.

The revised branding has been used to create a fresh, engaging new website and for a range of marketing materials that really help the brand to stand out.

If you would like practical, no-nonsense help in making your brand work harder to grow your business, contact me – paula@ronanmarketing.ie or 086 1294859. If you need a top firm of Loss Adjusters I can recommend ProAdjust – these guys are exceptional every day!