What’s in a Name?

A note on brand naming As clients who have worked with me will have heard me say many times – a brand is what it does, not what it says. Theoretically, it means that it doesn’t matter a huge amount about the name of the brand; customers (and non-customers) will build perceptions around it based […]

Is the Rise of Private Label all Positive?

The cult of Private Label has been growing and growing over the past 10 years, meeting a strong demand from consumers for lower cost, high quality goods. A recent article on www.fmcg.ie –  https://bit.ly/1naBG7M – estimates that 50% of brands on our supermarket shelves will be own brand by 2025. For the shoppers, this represents good news in […]

Unbreakable Laws of Good Label Design

It is said that consumers will only spend a maximum of 4 seconds looking at packaging before making that crucial decision of whether to buy or not. The lifetime value of your potential customer hangs in the balance and if they can’t immediately see what you’re selling, why they should buy  your brand over their […]

The Value of Business Mentoring

This article from Forbes magazine talks about the value of mentoring to business people like Bill Gates who benefitted from the advice and guidance of Warren Buffet. Here we are told that we should seek out a mentor who is straight-talking, committed and experienced to get the most out of the experience.  Here in Wexford, the local County […]

Wexford Food Family

In October 2011 I had a little germ of an idea. I could see what food producers in other places were doing to promote themselves as groups and I could see how County Wexford had more than its fair share of really good food producers and I wondered why there was no network here for […]

Now I’m really getting ticked off

Another Monday, another week’s planning session. Over the years I have tried lots of different ways to manage my time and what I do with it with wildly varying success rates. I suppose time management can be a lot like dieting and features the same stages – 1. Need for preventative action identified coming down […]


I thought of this word today and it just kept going around in my head – you know how much I love a good pun! My thinking was that food has two kinds of Eatconomical value – one is Nutritional Benefit, the other is Local Benefit. Local Benefit – LB One of the things I […]

Web Pow Wow

The Web Pow Wow was recently held in New Ross – with great speakers like Helen Cousins, Ed Hendrick and Fred Karlsson, the event was a great success. You can have a look at the picture from the event here.