I love radio. I love listening to it and I love creating campaigns for it.

As a marketing consultant I love to include radio in the tactics recommended to fulfil my client’s marketing strategy because I believe it works.

But is my belief misplaced?

In Ireland, it is hard to know.

So little research is done on its effectiveness. Even when clients are getting quotes for local radio, it is impossible to even get a guess on how many people will hear your ad.

Working with SMEs and micro businesses, we get anecdotal evidence from people who mention it back to us.

Working with e-commerce businesses, you can see a lift in site visits if you are lucky – but that doesn’t tell you how many pairs of ears you have reached.

Research on Radio Effectiveness : Brand Trust

Looking on the RadioCentre Ireland (the body set up by RTE and independent radio stations in Ireland to promote the media)website, there’s a summary of a piece of research done by Nielson – the Trust in Advertising Study.

This shows “that advertising on Irish radio is highly trusted while there are significantly lower levels of trust with online advertising formats. 78% of Irish adults stated that they “trust completely” or “trust somewhat” advertising on radio. In comparison, trust levels for online video ads and ads on social media were much lower, at 46% and 35% respectively.”

The survey also says that 63% of adults say that they take action having heard ads on Irish radio. Just 6% lower than the figures for TV and 1% higher than the newspaper ads figure.

Research Shows Radio Increases Brand Awareness

Elsewhere on the site, data from specialist research agency Colourtext in the UK  tells us that we can expect a 50% uplift in brand awareness if an online campaign gets radio exposure too plus a 32% uplift in brand trust and an 18% uplift in brand consideration. This data is based on UK audiences but I think it gives us a good indication of how Irish campaigns can expect radio to perform for them.

Some good reasons to keep radio in the mix of media to execute your marketing strategy.

On a personal level, I think it is important to support local radio stations, if it makes sense in our marketing strategy of course. They deliver a local, community connection that the national stations don’t and that online marketing can’t, on its own. A lot of them are struggling to keep relevant in the exodus to pay per click advertising and social media campaigns and they need our consideration.

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