Over my years working with hundreds of businesses on their brand and marketing strategies and campaigns, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked to help change a logo, strapline, brand colours or radio ad sounds because the client thinks that “they’ve got very tired”.

When I delve further I find that it is actually that the client is fed up looking at the same thing or hearing the same thing on radio.

If this is you, then my advice is the same – suck it up!

Why? Because you being fed up is a good thing.

It means that the logo, colours, messaging or whatever is being used again and again, which is exactly what should happen with brand assets. For that is what these things are – assets. They have enormous value because they become recognisable to your target customer who will hopefully think of you when they are in the market to buy in your category.

And you can bet your house that the customer is not fed up – you wish! We are lucky if the customer notices your branding at all and we need to spend quite a bit of money reaching them if we are to have a chance at becoming so lodged in their brain that we annoy them.

Changing your logo, brand colours or messaging because you or your team are fed up with them could be a massively expensive mistake, so please think again and appreciate your brand assets for what they are.

The downsides to tinkering with your brand assets in any significant way could be:

Weakened brand recognition – customers can get confused with change

Decrease in credibility and trust – research (Journal of Consumer Resarech) shows that consumers view brands that change their visual identity frequently as less trustworthy

Lessened Distinctiveness – changing how your brand looks or sounds takes away from the strong identity you have built up and makes it easier for competitors to get ahead of you in the minds of the audience.

So, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. If you are starting to feel bored of your brand, remember that you are not the customer. Check with your customer before you take any action, you may be surprised at how much mileage is still left in your beloved brand identity.