Naming a Brand to Maximise Marketing Effectiveness

Coming up with a name for your new business or product can be hellish hard.

This is your baby and you want to get it just right.

In truth, a brand name becomes what it does. It builds associations with every customer touchpoint. So really, there is no need to panic.

Having a brand name that stands out, is memorable and evokes the values of your brand gives you a little bit of a head start though.

7 Steps to Picking a Brand Name

  1. Know who your target market is
  2. Define your brand positioning
  3. Define your brand values
  4. Define your brand personality
  5. Brainstorm
  6. Filter the names you’ve come up with and and vet each one
  7. Use the one you pick in all of your marketing and stick with it

Inheriting Brand Identity

If you inherit a brand name, my advice is to make it work. Make every piece of marketing you do with that brand follow your brand rules, communicating your values and positioning to the right audience.

Lots of brands that we use on a day to day basis have ridiculous names, if you stop and think hard about it. Exposure to the brand in different environments and through various creatives have made us have certain associations with the brand. So it becomes familiar and means something else.

Brand Name Examples

Ikea is a great example of a word that seemed so random when it was first introduced, now we all have a jumble of images, ideas and feelings when we see or hear the brand name.

Then again, though – Red Bull is a great argument for sweating the head when you have the opportunity to invent a name for your brand. This name conjures up what the brand promises before you even know what the product is. This is the kind of clever short cut that can make a huge difference in your marketing right from launch.

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