Newsletters are an important part of the toolkit in my marketing strategy.

I’ve been trying to decide for the last few months whether or not to continue using Mailchimp to create my newsletters and whether or not to start using LinkedIn for newsletters.

To be honest, I have found Mailchimp pretty easy to use and am very happy with it. I just worry that I am missing out on reach.

Robert Conway, a Masters student in Digital Marketing and Analytics in Dublin Business School, kindly agreed to look at the benefits of each to help me to make a decision – take a look at his findings below, you may find them enlightening. I think the upshot for me is that I need to do both! I will be looking at creating a different version for LinkedIn in the coming weeks and we’ll see how it goes.

LinkedIn vs Mailchimp Comparison

LinkedIn Newsletter Pros and Cons



Mailchimp Newsletter Pros and Cons:



(Main & Aditham, 2023)

Recommendations and considerations:

Your email list is essentially the extent of your possible reach on Mailchimp. Your reach will be limited if your recipient database is minimal. Even if email open and click-through rates can differ, you still have access to your subscribers’ inboxes.

With LinkedIn, the potential audience is wider because it is not just your close friends. Your LinkedIn friends, including first-degree connections, can receive your newsletter. It can also reach your LinkedIn followers; essentially, your newsletter will appear in the feed of anyone who is a follower of your profile on LinkedIn. If your content is interesting and pertinent, it might be shared by other users of the site, broadening your audience even further. The reach on LinkedIn can potentially extend beyond your immediate network, especially if your content resonates with your audience and gets shared.

Your objectives will determine which platform to use because each offers different advantages. Mailchimp is better for highly customised email marketing, whereas LinkedIn is better for extensive professional networking. To increase your audience and engagement, you may consider cross-promotion to extend your reach across both channels. For instance, you can encourage your Mailchimp email subscribers to follow you on both platforms by sending them information from your LinkedIn newsletter and vice versa.

This can help you leverage the strengths of each platform to reach a wider audience. As Andy Crestodina, (2023) stated; “It’s a great option for any B2B social media marketing strategy”. Given that you have a small database of recipients, and all your target audience is B2B, I think this is a great option.

Author – Robert Conway


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