Online Half-Day Course in Marketing for Business Owner / Managers

Do you want to grow your business, customer base, revenues, and margin?

You know you need a great marketing strategy but do you feel a bit muddled when you try to work on it?

You are not alone – most of the businesses I have worked with over the past 27 years have found it almost impossible to invest the time in strategic marketing and when they do, concepts like targeting, positioning and marketing objectives have become obstacles to them moving forward, rather than becoming the really useful tools that they are designed to be.

This Useful Marketing Foundation workshop will give you the tools you need to develop your business’s marketing strategy and show you how to use them in a practical way.

To develop a successful marketing strategy, it is essential to get the foundation right and that’s what this half day marketing course helps you to do.

This workshop is suitable for sole traders / solopreneurs and small business owners or managers. Each group is limited so that we can work on your business, not just academic theories.

“A no-nonsense approach to marketing, Paula uses her proven expertise and ‘can do’ attitude to help you find your way through marketing dilemmas.” – Elaine, Ireland

“Paula has shed-loads of experience and expertise and I really enjoyed the workshop she recently ran on Marketing Fundamentals, when I came away with lots of practical ideas to implement. I highly recommend her.” – Liz, U.K.

“After attending the Useful Marketing Workshop, I get what a marketing strategy is supposed to be and why they are so important. I now spend my marketing budget on the right things and am starting to see the results” – Renske, Netherlands

Book Now – Friday 15th September 9am-12:30