Mentoring for Business

This article from Forbes magazine talks about the value of mentoring to business people like Bill Gates who benefitted from the advice and guidance of Warren Buffet. Here we are told that we should seek out a mentor who is straight-talking, committed and experienced to get the most out of the experience. 

Here in Wexford, the local County Enterprise Board has a very good mentoring programme that you can avail of, whatever stage your business is at. 

I have benefitted myself from mentoring through this programme with Helen Cousins, Jim Doyle and Blaise Brosnan. 

What I value most about the mentoring I have received is the new perspective given to me on my business – it helps me to see where I am in an entirely different light and it helps me to articulate what it is I offer in a much more effective way. 

I have been a mentor in the marketing field for the Wexford County Enterprise Board now for about 7 years and have had the privilege of helping scores of business people to market their brands and services effectively and profitably. 

If you would like to get a mentor to help with your business just download the application form on the Wexford County Enterprise Board website and send it in. 

Here’s what Teri Morris, founder of YouSteps, had to say about her mentoring experience” 

“We’ve had brilliant support from Paula. She’s helped on so many levels from marketing to strategic thinking and also with very practical advice. She engages well and helps us to think better about our business. Thank you to Paula. We’ll definitely continue to use her again.”

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