Brand positioning is what you want your brand to stand for in the target customer’s mind.

Working out what your brand positioning should be involves a bit of leg work.

Step 1 – who are you marketing to?

You need to firstly know who your target customer is, which segment/s of the market you are going to focus your marketing on.

Step 2 – what is your brand image?

For brands already in the market, you need to find out what your customers currently think about your brand (this is the brand image) – this involves a bit of qualitative and a bit of quantitative research. It is very useful here to get an idea of what they think about your competitors too.

Step 3 – what is behind the brand?

Do some research into the heritage of the brand and the people behind it too – often, this is where the golden nuggets of positioning come from.

Step 4 – brand associations

Now you should have a long list of words or concepts associated with your brand. Whittle it down to a list of 1 to 4 ideas.

Step 5 – write it down

A strong brand positioning needs to be simple and articulated so that it can be communicated to everyone in your organisation and put into action.

Deciding on your brand positioning is crucial for your marketing long term.

If you need help with yours, get in touch – I am a marketing consultant based in Wexford in the South East of Ireland but with the ability to work with you, wherever you may be 🙂