A note on brand naming

As clients who have worked with me will have heard me say many times – a brand is what it does, not what it says.

Theoretically, it means that it doesn’t matter a huge amount about the name of the brand; customers (and non-customers) will build perceptions around it based on the evidence they see or hear.

This means that if you call your business, for example, “Trust Us”, and you make a habit of misleading your customers, have ads that over-promise and take part in risky activities, your brand name will come to mean the opposite of what you wanted it to.

Every new product and service needs a name though and it’s a good idea to give this some serious thought at the outset. The brand will have an advantage if its name is:

Evocative – creating some emotion that aligns with your brand personality or values

Memorable – so that customers can recall when they are considering buying in your category. To be memorable it needs to be distinctive in some way.

Simple – easy to spell

As above though, you can just pick a name you love and go for it – it’s the quality standards, customer service, innovation and marketing around it that will make it stand for something and become successful.

I love working on brand name development – if you need help with yours, get in touch.

Here are a few brand names that I have helped to create with clients :