I love working with Whizzy Internet, the local, independent broadband provider for Wexford, South Wicklow and Carlow as their marketing consultant. This is a small, independent outfit based in Gorey set up by James O’Sullivan and Janis Dravnieks in 2014. It’s really run like a family and their service is fantastic because they genuinely care about their customers and their staff.

We came up with this new initiative to help support sports clubs because so many of them approach the company every week looking for help with their funding. The lads are so nice and hate saying no to anyone but there just is not the marketing budget there to donate to all who ask.

So, the Connect and Support campaign was developed as a way to generate funds for clubs sustainably.

For every new connection to Whizzy Internet, club members can have €20 donated to their club of choice.

Any club can benefit from Whizzy’s Connect and Support promotion as long as it has an underage section – to register your club call 053 9410000 or check out whizzyinternet.ie.

If you have a requirement for marketing support in your business, contact me at paula@ronanmarketing.ie