You mightn’t like it but the truth is that not everyone in your target market will ever buy your brand – lots of them prefer other brands.

As well as regularly checking in with your customers to see how satisfied they are, what they think of your brand and how you could do better, it’s a great idea to talk to people who are not buying your brand too.

Identify Gaps in Your Offerings

Find our what your competitors are offering that you don’t. This might be a product feature, part of the service or an element of their marketing.

Understand Market Perception

There could be a big difference between how your customers see your brand and how non-customers see it and it could be well worth your while doing something about this.

Discovering Unmet Needs

It may be that your brand is missing out on meeting a key need that your current customers could benefit from, as well as attracting new customers.

Ways to Research Non-Customers

Questionnaires – if you don’t have the budget to buy data, find a business or network you can partner with that has an established database

Social Media Listening – monitoring what’s being said about your competitors by their customers. Checking out their Google reviews could be worthwhile too.

Focus Groups – getting a selection of non-customers together to talk openly about the brands they buy and why is hugely valuable. A well-thought out format and a good facilitator who will encourage everyone to voice their opinions freely.