I just attended an event in Belfast called “Art of Living”, by Ciaran May of Natural Resilience.

Ciaran is a powerful speaker and expert on motivation and performance. He explained that, to reach your goals, you need to change your thinking. That your brain is trained to filter experiences in a certain way, based on your values, beliefs, memories and how you have made decisions in the past.

How to do this? If you understand that you are your choice – your current thinking is based on the choices you have made up to now, then you can see that if you change the choices you make, your thinking will change and your behaviour will change.

It is very similar with marketing. Everything you choose to do, everywhere you choose to be, says something about your brand and adds to the image that the market has of it. Not only that, but the image that your team and stakeholders have too. For example, if you are constantly promoting discounts, you become a discount brand. If you consistently answer client queries and complaints and action them, you are a brand with great customer service.

If you want to be known for quality, be quality. Make choices that are in line with quality. Pay for great quality paper in any paper communications. Pay for great quality design in your advertising.

Achieving the goal of becoming something in your own mind and the minds of others takes consistent actions towards that goal and plenty of discipline.

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